Best No Load Mutual Funds

Best No Load Mutual Funds

What are the best no load mutual funds for investors? The answer may be different for each specific investor but there are some funds which are consistently rated as superior for specific investment goals and strategies. Every investor may have a different ideal no load mutual funds list but many funds will appear on most lists. The Permanent Portfolio fund, symbol PRPFX, is viewed by many experts and investors as one of the best funds for the year. Below average fees, a conservative allocation, no load fees, and a 10 year return of more than 10% all make this fund a winner for a number of investors. Michael J. Cuggino has managed this fund since 2003 and the fund portfolio is well diversified to minimize the investment risks.

Another of the best no load mutual funds is the Bruce fund, symbol BRUFX. An expense percentage of 0.88% and a yield of 3.66% show why some investors choose this fund as one of the best. The minimum investment amount is only $1,000 making the fund available to almost every investor and the diverse fund portfolio and moderate turnover are also considered benefits. Vanguard Wellesley Income Inv fund, symbol VWINX, is one of the Vanguard no load mutual funds that is very popular with investors. This fund has an expense percentage of 0.25%, a yield of 3.47%, and a conservative allocation that helps hedge against large losses. Bonds make up a majority of the fund portfolio so this fund may not be as diverse as some others.

Matthews Asia Dividend Investor fund, symbol MAPIX, is another one of the best no load mutual funds. This fund has a 1.1% expense percentage, a yield of 2.33%, and assets worth over $2.7 billion. YTD for the fund is more than 10%, but the fund portfolio is not diversified and only includes foreign stock investments. Investors who are not averse to additional risk for added returns rate this fund as one of the best for the next year. There are some Fidelity no load mutual funds that should be included in the list as well. Both the Fidelity Contrafund, symbol FCNTX, and Fidelity Low Priced Stock fund, symbol FLPSX, have shown substantially higher than average annualized returns over the last decade.

Wells Fargo Advantage Discovery Inv fund, symbol STDIX, has been called one of the best no load mutual funds by a number of investors. This fund has a 3 star Morningstar rating, the highest rating possible by the company. This is a mid growth fund that requires a minimum investment of only $2,500 and has a 10 year annualized return of 9.4%. Homestead Small Company Stock fund, symbol HSCSX, is another of the top no load mutual funds chosen by financial experts and investors. This fund is still somewhat small, and this can be a benefit because the minimum investment amount is only $500. Morningstar rates this fund at 4 stars and it has an expense rate of 1.06%.

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