5 Best Natural Gas Stocks To Invest In

Best Natural Gas Stocks

1. Chevron- Symbol CVX- Chevron is a well known stock in the oil sector, and one of the best natural gas stocks for investors. Towards the end of 2010 the company acquired Atlas Energy, which caused in increase in the natural gas exposure that this company has. Chevron may not have started out as one of the main natural gas drilling companies, but the company is now in this position.

2. Chesapeake Energy- Symbol CHK- Chesapeake Energy is rated one of the best natural gas stocks by many experts. The price for this stock is up right now, and predictions of an increase in energy demand may push this natural gas and crude oil stock higher in the near future. The share price for this stock is still low, leading many investors believe the company is undervalued and ready to take off.

3. ExxonMobil- Symbol XON- This is one of the stocks that may outperform many natural gas mutual funds, and ExxonMobil is a name that is well known and trusted by many. The acquisition of XTO Energy by this company has increased the natural gas component and exposure, and caused some investors to consider adding this stock to their portfolio.

4. EOG Resources- Symbol EOG- EOG Resources has been called one of the best natural gas stocks available by many financial experts and investors. The recent performance has been good, and the stock price is currently valued appropriately according to numerous professionals. While this is not one of the renewable energy stocks, traders who want exposure to natural gas will find it with this stock and company.

5. Range Resources- Symbol RRC- This is considered one of the best natural gas stocks for several reasons. The stock price has seen upward movement in the last few months, and this makes Range Resources a good choice for almost anyone interested in stock market investing and the natural gas sector.

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