5 Best Canadian Oil Stocks To Buy

Canadian Oil Stocks

1. Canadian Oil Sands-Symbol COSWF- This is one of the Canadian oil stocks and energy investment choices that many investors have been watching. One of the reasons that this Canadian Company is considered a top stock to buy right now is the technology used, because of the potential offered. Not all investors will rate Canada Oil Sands as one of the best oil stocks to buy, but for many this stock can be a great addition to the portfolio.

2. Baytex Energy Trust- Symbol BTE- Baytex is one of the top rated Canadian oil stocks for a wide range of investors, and this company has seen great yields and dividends in the past. This is more than just a crude oil stock, the company specializes in the energy sector and has a solid history and reputation. The market trading place fluctuates at a little less than $50 per share, making it affordable as well.

3. Husky Energy Inc.- Symbol HSE.TO- The oil stock prices for this company has seen fluctuations recently, but that has not deterred investors and experts from recommending this stock. The stock trades at just below $25 right now, and the company has some recent developments that could affect future price movements.

4. Suncor Energy Inc. Symbol SU.TO- Suncor Energy is one of the Canadian oil stocks that is named as one of the top 5. This company is an integrated energy company, and oil is just one component of the company focus. This can also be considered one of the best natural gas stocks as well, because the company is engaged in more than one aspect of the energy sector.

5. Open Range Energy Corp.- Symbol ONR.TO- Open Range is one of the top Canadian oil stocks for many investors. This company is engaged in the exploration and development of oil and natural gas, and has a good performance history. Stock market investing with this company can mean significant gains in the future if expert predictions come true.

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